Stanwell Technnic - Case Study

Stanwell Technnic - Case Study

For over 20 years Stanwell Technic Ltd have been the undisputed market leader in the UK, designing and installing dispense systems suppling the world leading companies such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Coors, Carlsberg, to name a few.

Stanwell Technic was looking for a comprehensive turnkey solution to increase the light levels, reduce maintenance costs, and decrease energy consumption of their operations facility.

The Situation

The original 400w lighting units were over 20 years old and were costly to maintain plus the office had poor low light which was extremely inefficient.


The Solution

440w HPS Sodium Fixtures replaced with LED Sky Bays | 72w 600X600 2ft fluorescent recessed units for LED Panels

A lighting scheme was designed using Lightsave LED IP65 150w Sky Bay units in the workshop along with 600 x 600 panels supplied in the offices.

The new high level Sky Bays along with the LED Panels lighting system now uses 65% less power due to the energy efficiency of the new units.

Lightsave LED took our brief and designed an LED lighting system that provides a naturally bright, energy efficient environment that everyone agrees is a vast improvement on the old, inefficient traditional lighting. In addition to the impressive financial benefits, LED lighting is a vast improvement that is helping our company to enhance our premises.


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